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  • Signages – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, social distancing has become a requirement.

Printable social distancing signs are perfect for directing / informing your employees, customers, visitors the importance of social distancing and guidelines everyone must adhere to.

COVID-19, the pandemic is spreading across the globe, mainly from person-to-person. Because the transmission is likely to occur before the onset of symptoms, it is critical to take preventative and effective control of the outbreak. Facilities of any sort – Commercial/ Institutes/ Residential Societies can create a culture of good hygiene by posting Signages at all appropriate places to ensure everyone understands how they can do their part to slow the spread.

SAFIX is working hard to support our customers during these unprecedented times. To do our bit, we are offering some essentials to combat the spread of COVID-19 together and help you to maintain a healthy environment for you and your team.

We are providing a variety of posters, signs, floor graphics, and associated fixtures that are used to provide critical information for your organization, employees, and visitors. We are providing Signs for the main gate, and vehicles disinfect spraying. Thermal check Displays for Tower lobbies, social distancing displays for common areas, Arogya App download awareness displays, hand wash, and sanitizer display, and many more.


Protect Your Business, Employees, and Customers



Help protect your team by placing signs at appropriate areas like entrance, elevators, lunchroom, functional area, reminding them about the precautionary measures.


Display Coronavirus symptoms and prevention posters in common areas/ restrooms.


Use cabinet and drawer labels to easily identify locations of disinfectants, cleaning agents, and first aid kits.

We are happy to discuss any additional materials you need to help support you.

Please email our team to discuss branded versions, which include company logo and custom messaging.

SAFETY Consultants


Mitigating the risk to businesses and employees posed by COVID-19 requires agility and initiative – and a lot of project management.

To get ahead of the situation with scenario modelling and highly considered action plans, SAFIX Solutions can bridge gaps in resources, freeing up management teams to focus on commercial strategy and the day-to-day running of operations.

Companies will have to strictly follow guidelines to ensure that employees are safe and business risks can be minimised and employees, too, must be proactive and compliance issues should be followed strictly.

SAFIX can help you with tackling these problems today – To find out how our consultancy offering can help you, make an enquiry with us.

Now is the perfect time to prepare your Businesses to start with adequate precautions of COVID-19 conditions. Simple precautions and planning can make a big difference. Action now will help protect your employees and your business.

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There are various guideline issued from WHO, ILO and local Government however not sure how to identify & adopt for your business?

Right People with skills

Will you have the right people with the right skills to operate safely? This could be affected by having some workers unavailable to work or needing to use different team rostering arrangements.


Will you need to clean or ensure appropriate hygiene arrangements before occupying workspaces?

Machinery maintenance

Will there be maintenance required for machinery and tools that have not been used for weeks? For example, vehicles’ warrants of fitness may have expired, or equipment may require a new compliance certificate or servicing.

Ventilation System

When did you last have your ventilation system or air-conditioning checked? Are you confident that it is working efficiently? Now is a good time to schedule cleaning and maintenance.

Checklist before starting

What else needs to be done at work before you can safely restart all or part of your operations?

Overall Safety

How will you ensure all workers & visitors are able to keep themselves safe from exposure to COVID-19?


Who we are?

SAFIX single-minded mission is to create enduring value for the customers through innovation and industry expertise so as to make the customer’s business stronger and better equipped to handle various processes that they face at their end. Integrating health and safety into your workplace is good business. Every workplace injury costs money. Investing in a safe and healthy workplace will lower insurance premiums, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity.

SAFIX employ a results-based approach to health, safety, and the environment. They are focused on building self-reliance, and integrating health and safety practices throughout your business. Empower your organization to implement, manage, and continually improve your health & safety program.

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What we do?

Our Core Services

Through a range of international standards, we ensure that organisations have effective occupational health and safety systems in place to protect employees, generate customer confidence and enhance your business reputation.


Risk Assessment & Safety Compliance

Risk Assessment & Safety Compliance

We at SAFIX are committed to making your factory, facilities and other institutions safer.

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360° Occupational Health & Safety Management

360° Occupational Health & Safety Management

Managing Health & Safety compliance doesn’t have to be complicated, SAFIX makes it simpler for you.

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Training on Health & Safety

Training on Health & Safety

We train your brain to minimize the risk & maintain compliance at the workplace.

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Social & Environmental Management

Social & Environmental Management

We offer social & environment management services through the project cycle.

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Safety and Compliance Consulting

Safety and Compliance Consulting

We provide ISO certification consulting, social compliance consulting and implementation services to various organizations of different nature and size.

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What we cover?

Our Operational Sectors


SAFIX helps you in evaluating the current risk assessment and safety standards in your campus and make suitable recommendations to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place.


SAFIX helps you in evaluating the current risk assessment and safety standards in industries to reduces risks to people, processes and save human life in high risk areas.


SAFIX safety audit service is specially designed for the hospitality sector to ensure safe and healthy workplaces for visitors/staff in hotels, restaurants, catering and pubs.

Real Estate

SAFIX provides timely, actionable information to protect assets, workers, and operations and help monitor compliance with proper audit reports.


SAFIX provide a means of integrating safety health and welfare into existing management systems to help facilitate compliance .


SAFIX assists clients to plan, prepare, respond and recover from any potential emergency, minimizing harm and human lives.

How it works?

Explore Our Working Methodology



Everything we do starts with an assessment, which identifies client needs and desired goals, and helps draft a structured roadmap detailing the successful completion of the project.


Strategic Planning

After the assessment, we now have a clear understanding of our target goals, which brings us to one of the most crucial aspects of our process – ‘Strategic Planning’ – to make sure we take our clients to where they want to be from where they are now.


Integrity Check & Delivery Assurance

Maintaining quality and delivering a stellar service is something we take very seriously at SAFIX, which is why we have a dedicated ‘Quality Control’ team supported by a series of Expert Project Managers to oversee our relationship with our clients.


Capability Building, Training & Service Delivery

We believe in strengthening the roots and instilling a proactive culture among our clients for long term success of deploying a safer environment. This is done through a process of continuous education brought by our skilled trainers and the development of customized scenario-specific solutions executed by our team of expert field specialists.

Your Dedicated Health & Safety Partner


Our audit and inspection services are designed to provide reassurance and peace of mind to help identify any gaps and also monitor compliance.
Our services will benchmark your organization against compliance with your own policies and procedures, or against best practice and legislation, in order to develop action plans for continual improvement.

We are an ISO 9001 Certified Company.

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Have some questions?

How often do we need to carry out a safety audit?

Managing Workplace Health and Safety is a dynamic process that needs to be regularly monitored and adjusted. In order to ensure that the health and safety policy and arrangements are effective, there needs to be a regular audit, which should ideally be independent. This should be carried out annually. To supplement this, there should be regular internal workplace inspections carried out at a frequency proportionate to the level of risk.

What does a safety professional do?

Safety professionals are individuals who typically work in the manufacturing, warehousing, or industrial settings. Their job is to analyze the workplace environment for potential risks, and based on that information, come up with ways to improve the safety in the facility.

How does workplace safety effect efficiency?

There is a common saying amongst safety professionals: a safe workplace is an efficient workplace! Production is positively and indirectly impacted by an effective safety and health program. Improved morale and productivity Studies have shown that when a safety culture is developed in a facility, employee productivity significantly increased, and factory costs noticeably decreased.

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